Making Memories

I remember being a child in school. I remember how anxiously I awaited vacation – for whatever reason. Obviously, summer vacation was the best. Two whole months off! We spent summers at my family’s camp out on Lake Champlain. We went fishing, canoeing, learned how to water-ski, and made s’mores over a raging bonfire almost every night. What great memories!


That’s why it’s so important to me, and to all of us at Be Like Brit, that we give our

Tèt Chaje!

“Tèt chaje” is one of my favorite expressions in Haitian Creole. It translates literally into English as “Head charged” – but can be best explained as something that is bothersome, a hassle, or something to which we might utter “ugh”. It works for all sorts of situations. Money problems? Family member sick? Lost your phone? “Tèt chaje!” Dealing with government entities like immigration, lawyers, and the equivalent of the departme

A Playground and a House: Team TORO

So many of you watched in amazement and wonder this past week as our friends from Team TORO, a group of individuals who have been huge supporters and have helped Be Like Brit since our earliest days, made their way down to Haiti for the umpteenth time and completed with amazing speed one of our biggest projects post-construction: The playground!


March / 23 / 2014

The Paradox

Baptism is often referred to as “the door of the church”. It is regarded as the sacrament of first priority, as in the Catholic tradition, one must be baptized before they may receive any of the other sacraments. No matter the faith or denomination, it is the marker of acceptance into the faith.


Father Bob Lord has been a long time friend of Len and Cherylann, and the Gengel Family. It’s Father Bob who married Len and Cherylann. Fr. Bob also baptized all

Think Spring!

While I was away on vacation last week, we have much to report from the week before and even since my return! As many of you saw, we were so lucky to have our two Britsionary groups in February, both the St. John’s Church from Kenton, OH, followed by the group from St. John’s Catholic High School in Shrewsbury, MA. Each group was incredible to have and built houses for two women who work for us, giving them a safe and secure place to call their own! Amazing!



March / 9 / 2014

Piti piti, wazo fè nich

One of our first hires at Be Like Brit after we started enrolling children in to our program was Madam Carline. Carline is a wife and mother, a member of the worship team at church, with a powerful voice and a love of music. She works primarily with our preschoolers on site, and heads up almost all of our song and dance activities with the children. If you’ve ever been to Be Like Brit and have been welcomed by the children singing, chances are it is Madam Carline who taught the children

A Busy Week!

With 38 children, there’s often never a dull moment around Be Like Brit! Our quietest times are during the week, when school days bring us some morning silence and an opportune time to tackle other projects and get lots of work done. This week in particular, we faced a few unexpected challenges, made some long treks for medical care and consultation, and even saw the installation of the latest and greatest thing to bless us here at Brit’s Orphanage – the artificial turf inst

Patience, Timing, and Waiting

I’ve been living and working in Haiti for just over a year now. It’s so strange to me to think about that. I’ve lived and worked all over the world, and never have I encountered a place quite like Haiti. I wish I knew the Haiti that existed before the earthquake. I wish I knew what it was like here, if it was in fact all that much different, or if media and know it all bloggers (ahem!) have painted this idea of Haiti that wasn’t really all that different. Someday IR

New Year, New Firsts!

We’re almost a full month in to 2014, and already it is looking like it is going to be an amazing year for us at Be Like Brit here in Haiti! After such a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year, we have continued to be busy and have had many new exciting things happening!


As you know, the first Britsionary group of the year arrived in Haiti last week on Saturday, January 11, 2014. While the week started out with the solemnity of mark

Today, We Remember…

I don’t get out too much here in Haiti. When I’m not with the children, I’m usually busy working on various projects; my laptop is my new best friend. Last night, I decided to go sit by the ocean with a friend and his girlfriend, have a plate of fried chicken, pikliz, fried plantains, mounds of hot sauce and ketchup, and just relax. It’s the first occasion I’ve sat with this couple, and so we began to talk about how they met, where they met, their families –

Reflections, One Year On

It’s truly remarkable when one stops to think about how much happens in a year. Certainly, for us at Be Like Brit, we’ve had so many wonderful things going on! One year ago today, we gathered at Brit’s Orphanage in Grand Goâve, Haiti, and dedicated the building that would eventually house some 66 children. In an ecumenical ceremony with over 120 friends and family in attendance, the work of the previous two years was formally recognized.

January / 5 / 2014

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was like no other I have ever experienced. For obvious reasons, things were different than usual for me. I spent the holiday in Haiti with 38 children, a Britsionary group, and nearly 140 Haitian employees and their families. To say it was the biggest Christmas dinner I’ve ever attended would be an understatement. Complete with a Christmas concert with 24 (yes, TWENTY FOUR) acts on the programming schedule, we at Be Like Brit spent an amazing Christmas Eve and Christmas D

Growth As Family

As many of you know, our family at Be Like Brit grew by three this past week. Three little, innocent souls were welcomed in to our home, and to bear witness to the way they were received by the other children was incredible. It has been my experience over the course of the past year that most of the children who come in to Be Like Brit do so with remarkable ease, and the transition in to this new life seems to happen so smoothly. This, too, was the case with our three newest children, Obenson

Incidents of Normalcy

One of the most commonly invoked or reflected upon notions or ideas that I see in visitors, Britsionarys, and online through our facebook page is the fantastic realization that the children of Be Like Brit – indeed, the children of Haiti and dare I say children in general, are pretty much the same worldwide.

While the idea of “a village in Tanzania” or “the mountains of Afghanistan” or “the streets of [insert country here]” sounds much more ex

December / 15 / 2013

‘Tis the Season!


Just back from a week back in the States for Thanksgiving, my return to Haiti and to Be Like Brit was especially exciting this time! Our good friends Alan and Patti Roseberry and Eileen Terry flew down to Haiti this past

Life’s Good!

I’m on vacation this week in the States, visiting family for Thanksgiving, and Life is Good! I turned on the television in my hotel room this morning and the brand logo appeared, “LG” – Life’s Good. And indeed, it’s true!


This past week at Be Like Brit, we met with Steve Gross from Life is Good’s charitable arm, Playmakers, to discuss a relationship between our two organizations moving forward. Steve and his team came and met with

November / 24 / 2013




“To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.”

~P.T. Barnum



The Kindness of Strangers

Anyone who has ever traveled to Haiti knows that one of the scariest parts about it can often be the driving! I’ve written about this before, but not a week goes by without some new event to remind us of how even the simplest of tasks – going out to the market, for example – can have undesirable results.

There’s been this gwo machin with a broken axle, sitting squarely in the center of the eastbound lane of traffic on Route National # 2, perched atop a

November / 10 / 2013

A Fabulous Night!

Last night, Be Like Brit held our 2nd Annual Fall Gala Fundraiser. While our Gala is a fundraiser, Len and Cherylann want to be sure that it is a night of FUN! Being mindful that

On and On!

With our 2nd Annual Gala just around the corner, it’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I first met most of you! Len and Cherylann introduced me at the Gala last year, and we’ve all come such a long way since then! The blessings we continue to receive at Be Like Brit just keep on coming – and we said goodbye to two very special people this past week. Dr. Heather Gillis, from Tulane University’s School of Social Work flew back to New Orleans on Wednesday. Dr

Britsionarys, Friends, Tulane, and More!

Here we go again! We’ve been so very busy here at Be Like Brit – yet again hosting another amazing Britsionary group, welcoming two members of our Program Committee who are here working with our staff on professional devel

October / 20 / 2013

Keeping Busy!

We are so blessed to have so many committed friends and supporters of our mission here at Be Like Brit. This week, we were fortunate to host one of those friends here in Haiti. Peter Catanese, of the Christopher Catanese Childr

Lights Camera

Wow! When did it become October?! It seems like just yesterday we were busy getting ready to dedicate and open Brit’s Orphanage, and here we are – 9 months on – a very busy place! The children started back to school last week, g

October / 6 / 2013

On Selflessness

“Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity.”

The three women pictured below were all classmates of mine at Tulane.  Together, along with about 92 other people, we studied and ultimately earned our master of social work degrees.  Social workers are indeed a special breed.  There aren’t many professions which require treating all human beings with dignity and respect, even those who might have comm

September / 15 / 2013