Britney Gengel was a vibrant nineteen-year-old Lynn University sophomore when she traveled to Haiti in January 2010 to work for an aide group. Deeply moved, she texted her mother that she dreamed of returning to open an orphanage of her own. But hours later, an earthquake leveled Port-au-Prince and the Hotel Montana where Britney’s group was staying. For thirty-three days, her family lived a nightmare, with conflicting stories in the post-quake chaos of finding Britney, then losing her. After a gut-wrenching trip to the Haitian capital ten days after the quake, they learned the truth: Brit was not coming home alive.

Vowing that her death would not be in vain, Len and Cherylann Gengel along with sons Bernie and Richie kept alive their daughter’s dream by building an orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti (The town where Britney was suppose to travel to, the day after the quake). It took two years to build, the 19,000 square foot orphanage is a beacon of hope for the Haitian People. Today, the Be Like Brit Orphanage has 35 children, and the organization is dedicated to raising the next generation leaders of Haiti. Be Like Brit is not just a charity focusing on Haiti and USA, but a movement, a cause for doing the right thing, the small things, to make the world a better place, to give back and to lend a helping hand.