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Blocks for Brit's House of Love

We're excited to have raised $223,000 of our $363,000 Britsionary House Project, known as Brit's House of Love! Our Be Like Brit Family helped us build Brit's Home in 2012 - now we are looking to you to help us raise the remaining $140,000 by "purchasing" the blocks needed to complete the project. Construction for this building is already underway, adjacent to the Children’s Home in Grand Goâve, Haiti.

The inspriation behind the name "Brit's House of Love" comes from the visit
Brit made to House of Love Orphanage during her mission trip in 2010.

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This Center is needed for many reasons:

Increase frequency of trips each year

If the Britsionarys were in a separate location, we could significantly increase the frequency of trips each year. This would mean:

  • Be Like Brit could expand our Britsionary Program by at least 50%. This will permit us to move forward financially and attract more volunteers; which in turn, allows us to expand operations and services to the people of Grand Goâve. The new Center will open the possibility of hosting corporate groups that are increasingly interested in team building sessions at BLB for shorter periods of time.
  • Effect on Revenue –Many Britsionarys, on their return from Haiti, are inspired to become more involved in the organization. They elect to sponsor children, become active volunteers, participate in fundraisers and support Be Like Brit in many ways that are instrumental to its viability and success. More Britisionarys means more revenue.
  • More home construction. Through home construction, the Britsionarys make a significant impact – we have built over 115 homes in Grand Goâve since the inception of our Britsionary Program.

More space for our teenagers

Our children are growing up, and many are entering their teens. They each share a room with three other children. As teenagers, they will need more space and privacy. There’s also a need and desire to have more of a physical separation between genders, as our children mature. This situation would be improved by converting the rooms that are occupied by Britsionarys to living space for the children.

Less demand on our current staff and more employment opportunities

Britsionary groups currently housed in the Children’s Home add further workload and pressure on our current kitchen space and staff resources. The staff is unable to accommodate more than 2 Britsionary groups per month in its current configuration. The Britsionary Center will create additional jobs for more local Haitians who will support housekeeping and kitchen duties related to the Britsionary Center.

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Cost Description Status
$15,000.00 FUNDED Land Prep Phase I COMPLETE
$68,000.00 FUNDED Foundation and First Floor Depot Walls (including labor) Phase I COMPLETE
$25,000.00 FUNDED Blocks, Rebar, Gravel and Sand to complete Depot Ceiling/2nd Level Floor (including labor) Phase I COMPLETE
$25,000.00 FUNDED Block, cement and labor on the walls Phase II
$5,000.00 FUNDED Rebar for inside of the walls Phase II
$5,000.00 FUNDED Window blocks and plexiglass Phase II
$15,000.00 FUNDED Plumbing for four bathrooms Phase II
$10,000.00 FUNDED Electrical for entire 2nd level Phase II
$10,000.00 FUNDED HVAC system for 2nd level bedrooms Phase II
$25,000.00 SEMI-FUNDED Complete 3rd Level Floor (including labor) - rebar, cement and labor ($5,000 Left to Raise) Phase II
$25,000.00 Block, cement and labor on the walls Phase III
$5,000.00 Rebar for inside of the walls Phase III
$5,000.00 Window blocks and plexiglass Phase III
$7,500.00 Plumbing for two bathrooms Phase III
$10,000.00 Electrical for entire 3rd level Phase III
$10,000.00 HVAC system for 3rd level bedrooms Phase III
$25,000.00 FUNDED Complete Ceiling/Roof of Building (including labor) Phase III
$10,000.00 Plaster for inside and outside of walls 1st Level Phase IV
$5,000.00 Paint for inside and outside of walls 1st Level Phase IV
$10,000.00 Tile for floors and bathroom walls 1st Level Phase IV
$10,000.00 Plaster for inside and outside of walls 2nd Level Phase IV
$5,000.00 Paint for inside and outside of walls 2nd Level Phase IV
$10,000.00 Tile for floors and four bathroom walls 2nd Level Phase IV
$7,500.00 Kitchen Phase IV
$10,000.00 Appliances for kitchen Phase IV
$5,000.00 Cabinetry for Kitchen Phase IV

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Thank you to the following donors who have supported our Blocks for Brit's House of Love Project!

Allison MacDonald$100

Amanda Forget$20











Ben Bryk$10

Beverly Tetreault$20

Bobby Wunderlich$100

Brandon Quiterio - Wolf & Company $20

Brittany McNally - Team Vry Grrd$10

Bryan Moore - 2017 Team Country Bank Britsionary$100

Carissa Soucie$20

Carlos Tarini - Team Headlights and Halfbacks$100

Carlos Tarini - Team It's The Little Things$100

Carol Mikkelsen - Team Dirty Dozen$50

Carol Richard$20

Charles Dubois$50

Chloe Rits$10

Chris Palmer - Team Brisk$50

Christina Wieszbicki$50

Christine Daley$20

Christine Daley$20

Cory Fenton$100

Danielle Intinarelli - Team Braidy Bunch$10

Deborah Bryk$10

Diane Grande$20

Dianne Long$50

Doreen Bauckman$50

Edward Shaughnessy$50

Elizabeth Gadoury - Team Little Ratskills$50

Elizabeth Smith$30

Emily Rose - Team Kwfsta$20

Eric Wood$100

Erin McGrail$10

Faith Justice - Team Kwasan De Moms$50

Frederick Glass$100

Geri Novia$250

Hannah Begley$10

Hannah Begley$20

Heineman Family $50

Hillary Burr - Wolf & Company $100

Holly Morin and Zachary Duguay$10

In Honor of Bill Stasny$50

In Memory of Richard DiCicco$20

Jacqueline Latino$20

James Archibald$20

Jan Kollar$250

Jeanne Angers$50

Jessica Ryan$40

Jim Hirst$50

Jim Locklier$50

Joe & Claudia Carter$50

John Mullan$20

Joshua Matthew Glynn$1,000

Julia Clarke-Pounder$20

Kari & Kelsey MacLeod - Team Headlights & Halfbacks$100

Kathleen McClintock$100

Kathryn Houston$20

Kathryn Ryan - Wolf & Company $20

Kathryn Wanta$20

Kelly Bush$30

Kelly Kerchief$20

Kerry Hannigan$50

Kimberly Roberts$100

Kinsley Britney Weiss and Britney Gengel$50

Kirsten Stevens$100

Laura Arena$100

Laura Busch$10

Laurie Kalil$50

Lisa and Megan Birch$500

Lisa and Megan Birch - Team Are We There Yet$50

Lisa and Megan Birch - Team Are We There Yet$50

Lisa and Megan Birch - Team C'mon Jawhn$50

Lisa and Megan Birch - Team Francky$50

Lisa and Megan Birch - Team Love$50

Liz Blake - Team Dirty Dozen$50

Lori Santaniello$10

Marissa Scicchitano - Wolf & Company $50

Mark Sullivan$100

Mark and Alexia O'Connell - Wolf & Company$1,000

Martin Caine - Wolf & Company $500

Mary Jo Lopez$20

MaryKay McGrail$20

Matt Tricomi$500

Matthew Williams$10

Maura McKeown - Team Dirty Dozen$50

Maureen Maloney D'Agostino$20

Maureen Sewall$100

Michael Bryk$10

Mike, Wendy, Chris & Tim Heineman for Team Dirty Dozen$50

Nancy McKenzie$50

Nancy Miller - Team Headlights and Halfbacks$150

Neal Schreckinger$50

Nicholas Maccarone$20

Nicholas, Makayla & Zachary Gillette-Sylvester$30

Nina Merigliano$10

Nora Pavone & Samuel Orlan$250

Patrice Aguda-Brown$50

Patricia Parker$100

Patricia Wood$20

Patti Rodriguez - Team C'mon Jawhn$100

Project 351$250

R Jason Kulak - Wolf & Company $100

Rachel Jamieson$30

Rachel Myra$10

Sandra Basso$50

Sarah Reis$20

Scott Scovin$20

Shawn & Vincent King - Team Headlights and Halfbacks$100

Starr Kelly$20

Susan Broderick$50

Team Flow!$675

Teresa Prezioso - Wolf & Company$50

The Belcher Family $50

The George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Foundation$5,000

The Kinney Family$10

The Maresca Family$1,000

The Rits Family$110

The Robinson Family$50

The Terzi Family$100

Timothy Claman$100

Toni-Marie Gillette-Sylvester$20

Tracy Heller - In honor of Josie, Tracy, Kyndal, Peyton, John, Luke, Matthew, Gail, Kevin, & Team Many Hands$100

Veronica La Marque$50

Wendy McFaul$100

William Dames$50

William Volpe$20

With love from the Clarke-Pounder Family$50

Yvonne Cooper$20