On January 12, 2010, the country was hit by a devastating 7.0 earthquake, the same earthquake that claimed the life of Britney Gengel and approximately 220,000 to 300,000 other people. Later that year, a horrible outbreak of deadly Cholera affected the nation. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew continued the destruction as the most catastrophic caribbean storm in nearly a decade. This storm left over a million Haitians in need of assistance. Known as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, most of the people in Haiti live in extreme poverty on less than $2 per day and unemployment is estimated at about 75%.

Today, people are still trying to recover while poverty, political unrest and violence continue to leave Haiti in a critical state.

Despite the government and societal challenges that Haiti has faced, we strive to forge a path for a stronger future with education, leadership and technology. With the Haitian spirit of resiliency, we work everyday to bring hope for the future generations.

Brit's Home is located in Grand Goâve, Haiti, 30 miles southwest of the Capital of Port-au-Prince. Grand Goâve was chosen as the location for Brit's Home because Brit had been scheduled to go there the day after the earthquake. Her group was to volunteer at a fishing village served by the organization Food for the Poor.

The people of Grand Goâve have been supportive and actively involved in our efforts from the time that we first looked at the site where we would later begin construction on Brit's Home. Today, Be Like Brit is the largest employer in the area, with additional employees for construction projects.

We believe strongly that we must involve the community. Our local staff (which include social workers, caretakers, nurses and teachers) develop the treatment plans and curriculum for our children. Our policies and processes include our local staff and members of the local community every step of the way. We have a clear appreciation for and insistence on a collaborative approach to problem solving in our communities. We also offer neighboring communities our services and support wherever possible including collaboration with other schools, children’s homes, missions and organizations in our area.

Raising the next Generation of Leaders in Haiti

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Brit's Academy

Brit’s Academy, originally founded in 2019, now provides in house, quality education to all 66 of our children. Going beyond the rote memorization taught in most Haitian schools, Brit’s kids participate in daily active learning experiences that encourage critical thinking through our Agile Mindset pedagogy which focuses on empathy, problem solving, social emotional learning and an entrepreneurial mindset.

With access to new technology, our kids and staff have access to a global curriculum including our speaker series “Connect, Engage, Learn.” Through this new series, speakers from all over the world are able to present to our eager students; building a bridge across the ocean from Haiti and resulting in phenomenal eye-opening education.

In addition to learning Creole, French and English, enrichment courses in the arts, music, chess and dance education are also integrated in the curriculum. It is with certified teachers and support staff that our children will have the tools necessary to focus on employability locally in Haiti and/or the ability to compete in a global arena.

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Brit’s home is continuously making efforts and evolving sustainability. Since 2014, 100 solar panels have powered over half of Be Like Brit’s electricity needs. This energy source fuels our power, water pump, air conditioning, internet, computers, kitchen and beyond. With the help of a backup generator, it also allows us to remain “off the grid” and decreases dependency on Haiti’s unreliable and expensive local resource.

Through a terrace designed water collection and distribution process, rainwater flows through our garden while excess is captured in our water cistern underground and used for our sprinkler system on drier days. Brit's Home also has a nanotechnology filtration unit that is used to purify the drinking water inside the home. Since Brit's Home opened in 2013, when possible, we have distributed up to 1,000 gallons of purified water daily to local families. Less than half of the people in rural Haiti have access to clean water, and many die each year from water-borne diseases. In 2016, we expanded our wells and rain-water catchment basins, with the aim of increasing our daily distribution to 2,000 gallons daily when possible, serving upwards of 75 families per day. With the average household size in Haiti being approximately 6, we estimate that we’re serving between 450-500 individuals each day, when offering water distribution.

Transition Program

At Be Like Brit we want to ensure the future of Brit’s kids. As our oldest children begin to transition into adolescence or young adulthood we are identifying ways to continue to support and include them as part of the Be Like Brit family.

The pioneer transition program is designed with all of our teens in mind and aims to fully support their successful transition into young adulthood with support staff, continued education, independent living, exploration of self and empowerment in the local workforce.With the help of our staff and volunteers, we offer a lifelong commitment to their future and act as a guide in the next stage of their lives and leadership.

It is through this program that we will be able to continue to nurture our young adults and prepare them for their adult lives so we can fulfill our goal of raising and supporting the next generation of leaders.

Health Care

Brit's Home has a well-equipped clinic, providing general medical, dental, and ophthalmologic care, with the technological capabilities to operate telemedicine equipment. The clinic is staffed by a full-time Haitian nurse, as well as volunteers from Medical Centers in North America who typically come down for week-long service projects. The clinic within Brit's Home serves our children, our staff and their families, and is open to the community when providers are available to us throughout the year.

In January of 2017, Be Like Brit became an approved pre-designated Landing Zone for the Haiti Air Ambulance, enabling us to facilitate emergency air evacuations by helicopter in the most desperate of situations.


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