A Summer Like Never Before Summer 2021 Recap With Myster Way

It has become a tradition every year for Brit's Home to organize summer camps to allow our children to thrive around different educational, sports, fun and discovery activities. Indeed, it is always with great impatience that our children wait for the arrival of the camp after each school year. There is always a new strategy to teach the children while having fun with them.

Since the first summer camp until today, we have seen many different themes: In 2018, the values at Brit's Home were used with names like Love, Sharing, Patience, Respect, Hope, Integrity. The idea at that time was to draw the attention of children to values that define us as a children's home so that they themselves could inculcate these values from their youngest ages.

Then in 2019, the summer camp was around the stars where we had groups called Cappella, Pollux, Beaver, Sun etc. in order to teach them useful knowledge around the stars and to stir their attention on this rich and vast area that we do not know for the most part.

 So, it has become a habit for these children accustomed to these kinds of structural programs both during the day and during the evenings in order to give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. That said, the usual activities of all previous summer camps were always arts and crafts, music, computer, English, group therapy or group session, sports and educational games in order to strengthen or teach practical knowledge or assist them psychologically and physically.

Nevertheless, this year is incredibly special because it marks the operationalization of what we call the transition period (transition program) for our young teenagers and young adults. Indeed, it is a program set up to help children as they begin staying in a halfway house with the objective of preparing them to enter adulthood. It is with this in mind that we have integrated for the first time in the summer camp a program aimed at advancing these young teenagers who are ready to take the step in the transition.

So, this year, in addition to the traditional activities that we continue to have, we have added courses like cosmetology, culinary, arts, computer class, music class and sewing class so that they can learn many trades that can help them earn money while they are still in classical school.

By the way, it was a total success because they actively answered the call and learned during the two months of summer camp. They understood that they had innate potential, that they had to work and that is what they did. Moreover, according to one of them, precisely Mirna; she tells us that this is the first time they have had such a productive and exciting summer camp because they had the opportunity to learn only one thing that they themselves have chosen.

To close the summer, we organized a beautiful closing ceremony while we gave them certificates of participation and acquisition of knowledge in the courses. It was a proud moment for us leaders at Brit's Home.

During the ceremony, Daphney had to give practical advice to other children who are not yet old enough to attend this program by telling them that they should trust us (Leaders) and that they should not be afraid to choose an option in which they will have the chance to learn.

So, despite everything that is going on in our country and in the world, we are fortunate enough to have good times with the kids and our staff at Brit’s Home. Once again, we had a great summer camp and hopefully next year will be the same.

Thank you for your support…

Myster Way Jean Baptiste, Program Director

See below some photos to see more of this summer and the closing ceremonies. 

Cosmetology students with their certificates

Cosmetology students with their certificates

Culinary class with each of their special recipes!

Culinary class with each of their special recipes! 

Custom painted creations

Custom painted creations 

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