Behind The Photos Part 2

I truly have the best job! Taking photos and capturing moments each and every day is something I love to do. A few months ago I did a blog post that included some of my recent photos and the stories behind them. I got a lot of good feedback so I'm doing it again! Let me know in the comments if you have any funny or memorable stories from your trip to Haiti !❤️

Marie Yves! Do you know her? She is one of the amazing people on our kitchen staff. She is so friendly, kind, helpful... the list goes on. Marie Yves is always willing to have a conversation and see how your day is going. Last week, we crossed paths as she was walking out of the office and I was walking in. I had my camera in hand and she jokingly posed. I then began to take her picture and told her to do different poses. This was definitely my favorite. It looks like she's ready for the runway and how beautiful is her smile? Her personality and kind heart just shines through!

Kerby! 14 years old, a student, a great friend, a drummer, and an artist! Each weekend some of our children have drawing lessons with an amazing teacher, Herold. Last weekend it was perfect weather so everyone got ready to go to the beach. When we arrived at the beach, I noticed Kerby (and Macson) were in their normal clothing, drawing. I just had to get a photo. They are both extremely talented and dedicated. No days off!💙

This morning our Britsionarys held another house blessing for a family in our community. I learned this week that this family our team was building for, was in the same neighborhood as another family I loved that we built for last November. Chloe was also on that November trip with me and she was telling me stories all week❤️ When we arrived at the blessing this morning, I asked Chloe to walk over with me to say hello to the family I knew but hadn't seen since the blessing in November. As we approached the house, the mother ran out and said "Hello Danielle!" I was speechless...how did she remember me!? I gave her a huge hug and asked how her family is. As we walked away, I asked Chloe if she mentioned me this week to the family. When she said no, it hit me so hard. At that house blessing there were a ton of people, a bunch of names to remember, and many days that have passed since. I remember the mother saying at the house blessing that she would be praying for our group. As we reunited today, I knew she had been praying for me and giving me strength when I didn't even realize it. I was reminded today of the impact I'm able to make while here in Haiti and the amazing impact Be Like Brit.

How sweet is this group of boys? This was taken a few weeks ago when I went to take photos of our medical Britsionarys working in the community! It was a very long day but a great one. I met so many people and heard so many stories. Towards the end of the day, the boy second from the left began to smile and wave to me. Soon he had a whole group of friends join him. I went over to try to speak with them (my Creole is very limited) and ended up having a small photo shoot. They were all fascinated with my camera and wanted to see every picture. They were all so kind to me. As we got into the truck to head back to Brit's Home, they all stood at the bottom of the mountain waving their hardest so we wouldn't miss them!

Had to save the best for last. One of my social media projects this trip has been recreating old pictures from 2013-2014. The point of this is a fun way to show our children's growth over the years. How fabulous is this recreation!! Christ-Love, Kervens, Joobens, Mr. Wilmann, Louvens, and Medlens. They were all so excited to take this photo. They couldn't believe how little they were in the top photo!!