Hello From Florida Peterson

   My name is Jean Peterson Exilas, Born in a small town called Grand-goave in 1989. I lived there my whole life where I did my High school and learned music as well. l am 28 years old, musician and Latin Dancer, And l have been working for Be Like for 6 years. l am very happy to write a blog for this week using a few lines to share a little about my time with Be Like Brit.

       I joined Be Like Brit in September 2011 during the construction where I started working as Labor caring concrete, sand, gravel for the construction. On my second day on the job, something happenned that I will never forget. Papi Len was walking by, he saw me for the first time he said: " Bonjou", l said " bonjou" and he said: "koman ou ye?" I said:" mwen byen, E ou menm?" He didn’t understand he said: "what ?" I told him it means And you? He was surprise that l spoke some English and that same day he called me inside to translate for him. from that point forward I became Translator and started translating for papi Len whenever translation was needed . As consequence , by the end of 2011 I had officially 2 jobs at Like Brit as well (a labor guy and a translator).

    2013 was the dedication of the building and right after the dedication, I started working as security guard because they needed someone who could write Creole, French and English who could do the paperwork as well Checking people in and out ect. While l was a security guard, I also used to go to the worksites with the Britsionaries and also do creole lesson for them to give them the basic so that they could talk with the children and employees, and some of them sometimes used to tell me that l’m a good teacher haha. At the end of 2013 we had a groupe of Britsionaries and one of them was a musician. He was playing guitar and there was a little piano which l took and started playing for the children and the Britsionaries were enjoying it, dancing and having fun and that's when Mami Cherylann and Jonathan would find out l was a musician and in 2014 l became the Activity Coordinator, Caregiver and the Creole teacher for the Britsionarys.

 In 2015, Papi Len and Mami Cherylann decided to put me in charge of music and l became Music Director on top of Activity Coordinator and the Creole Teacher for the Britsionarys. I initiated a worship program every Tuesdays and Thursdays and in 2015 l came up with a talent show program which we called “ Friday variety of the Be Like Brit kids ". On December 2016 l came to visit United states for a second time and Papi Len asked me to go at the Worcester office because he wanted to talk to me about something. When l got there he proposed me to move Florida to the Delray Office and train under his leadership. l was very happy it and I considered it as the best news ever because it was my dream to spend quality time in the USA to learn more about the culture and also improve myself in anyway possible. Looking at the opportunity offered that would give me training to do a lot more for Be Like Brit here in the US and also work on myself. I accepted the offer and moved to Florida on Feb 3rd 2016. l have been here in Florida since then and now my title is Florida/ Haiti Coordinator. l go to the Delray Chamber, l set up a BLB display at the Green Market every Saturday in Delray Beach and l build relationships with schools and churches around the Palm beach area in Florida.

       To make the story short , I love Be Like Brit and I am very grateful for all the opportunity I was given to exercise and improve my skills in Haiti and here in the US. Lastly but not least , I want to thank Be Like Brit and the Gengel Family, especially Papi Len and Cherylann for the opportunity given to me, And l want to say thank our Britsionary Friends for everythings that you guys do either by sponsoring a child or help in any way, Keeping the Faith.

Another thank you to Papi Len and Mami Cherylann for letting me attended the Be Like Brit Gala. That weekend was an unforgettable weekend for me, l was able to attend the Be Like Brit Gala which I consider the best event that was held on Saturday November 4th . it was the first time l participated at the Be Like Brit Gala and l enjoyed it and l was able to see lots of Britsionary Friends, eat with them and have lots of fun… 

  In addition as l mention l’m now in Florida and work at the Be Like Brit Office feel free anytime if any of you are around in Delray, stop by to visit our Soflo Florida Be Like Brit Office, We are located on 228 SE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, Florida 33444. Thank you for all your Love and Support and for reading my blog !!!

Peterson Exilas