Islande Experience

Hello, my name is Miselin Islande,I will be 14 in February 25th. I'm in 8th grade and I go to school ISFAGG.Biology and English are my favorite subjects at school. My mother and Father were dying since I was little, I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers, one of them was die after my mom died. I was living with the sister Rose Antoine She was the one who took care of my brothers and I .Rose Antoine chose the right orphanage to put me which is Be Like BRIT, by living there I see that is the best thing sister Rose Antoine did for me even it was hard for me to live without my brothers and sisters by my side it still the right decision for having a better life.I’am living with my sister Venitte for now and my best friend is name Ginalda. Living at Be Like Brit is the best experience of my entire life, I receive great education there and I have the opportunity to go to school and university, there are I lot of kids in Haiti that don’t have this opportunity .Sometime I say to myself I'm the lucky girl in Haiti because I have people that take care of me and plan for me to have a bright future like Papi Len, Uncle Bernie,Manmi Cherry Len,Manmi Love. 

I like cosmetology, crochet and embroidery. I will be a pediatrician and I will do all my best to be it .In my free time I like to do crochet, dancing and singing. For sport I like Volleyball. The most important things they give me here at BLB are the English and the Education. I have a lot of fun with my brothers and sisters in Be Like Brit and I love been with them. 

AT BLB I have a lot of parents that brings value to me and give me love has my biological parents will do for their children and they are patient with me. There at Be Like Brit they teach me a lot of things; things that will help me for the future. I feel very safe here and they always make sure I have a good nutrition and healthy. The vision of this institution is to rise the next generation leaders in Haiti and I will do all my best to make them proud of me like they used to be.  

To conclude, I want to say thank you to all of you that help that vision of Britney come true and those who never tired of helping BLB specially Papi Len,Manmi Cherry Len, Uncle Bernie,Manmi Love,Mss. Debie and the board and I want to say thank you to the Haitian staff. I'm grateful for all the things you have been doing for me and I will always make you proud of me. 


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