Meet Brits Home Nurses

In this week’s blog post, we are featuring 2 more of our Haiti staff at Brit’s Home – Madona and Mirlaine. We are so lucky to have them as part of the Be Like Brit family. Madona and Mirlaine are leaders, role models to our children, and also certified nurses! In this post, they are sharing their journey and experience working with Be Like Brit!


Madona’s Story:

I am Madona. I am a nurse and a Britsionary Coordinator at Brit’s Home. I first started working at Brit’s home as the first caregiver taking care of the first child, Sha Sha. During that time, I couldn’t imagine where this experience would lead me. Step by step I continued to go to college I kept working at Brit’s Home as more children were welcomed into the Be Like Brit family. After working as a caregiver for a while, I was then able to start working as a nurse. My responsibility was to take care of them each day. I would make sure they were given their food, I would give them vitamins, and check in with them regularly to make sure they were in good health.

While I was working as a nurse I also had Mirlaine as my assistant. When I would have a few days off, she filled in and always helped me when I had a long list of things to do. I was thankful for her help because I did not only stay in the BLB clinic. I also went out to work with other nurses and doctors. We would work with other clinics in the community to help people who were not able to get to a hospital. It was a great experience for me.

I soon changed positions and I became the Britsionary Coordinator. I now go pick the teams up at the airport and spend the week with them on the worksite. My experience with the Britsionarys helps me gain more knowledge because I learn from them and they learn from me as well. We share our culture and answer different questions on anything that they need to know about. My favorite part of being a Britsionary Coordinator is when we attend the house blessing at the end of each week. When we are having the blessing I always feel my heart shake, realizing a family who was living in bad condition, now has their own key and will be able to sleep better.

Grand Goave is a little community. It is like everyone is family and whenever someone gets a house I feel rejoiced. I can see from the faces of these people how happy they are. This is the best part of my job because helping people and changing their lives is my passion. I’m so grateful and proud that I can be part of the Brit’s Home family.

Madona also explained that she loved helping with the container distribution this past summer, that was filled with 40,000 lbs of donations for the community. She was able to lead the distribution to the Grand Goave community which included bags of food for many families in need.


Mirlaine’s Story:

My name is Mirlaine and I am a nurse. I started working at Be Like Brit on February 8th, 2013 as a caregiver. I worked at night with the children while going to nursing school during the day. In 2015 I worked as Madona’s assistant in the clinic at BLB because she finished school one year ahead of me and I was also working as a caregiver. In 2016, I began to work as a full time nurse at Brit’s Home. I am glad to work in this position. One reason why I love my job is that my boss Papi Len, puts his trust in me that the children will always feel comfortable. I will keep track of their records and get them the help they need if anything is wrong. My goal is to take care of every child at Brit’s Home so that they can be physically and mentally healthy, through the advice I give them. I also enjoy teaching them about good health. I am very proud to be one who serves at Brit’s Home!