Mothers Day

Even though I’m not home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my three children this weekend, I must say that I am so very fortunate to be spending it with my other 66 children at Brit’s Home. More than ever, I realize that being a mother is not only about giving birth to a child…it’s about loving and caring for children unconditionally.

Mother’s Day is a very special day. Even though as a mother, you are celebrated every day through the love of your children, but this “day” just quantifies how special and important it is to be a mom. It’s interesting that my three children in Florida call me by different names so that the connection I have to them is special in its own way. My oldest daughter Saphiere calls me mom; my second daughter calls me Pun; and my son calls me Ti Love. Here at Brit’s home, I used to be called Mami Love, but for the most part, the children have become so comfortable with me that they call me by my nickname…Ti Love. It’s funny to see all the changes that have happened since I came to Brit’s Home two years ago. I’ve watched our children grow not only physically but in maturity or the lack thereof, so smart and just want to absorb all that they can. Nothing makes me more proud or happier than when some of them would tell me that they wish that I was their mom to which I would reply but “I am in every way that counts” and they would be so excited and hug me. I’m such a pushover when it comes to our kids. Though they are not perfect, which would be boring, they are constantly challenging me. Some of you might remember that last year, I held a pajama party in my room for the older girls. They were so excited because they didn’t know about this type of thing. Now, the younger girls are asking me for their own party. They remind every day as if I will forget..lol

I still consider daily recurrences to be a blessing in my life like coming down the stairs in the morning while they’re having breakfast and be greeted by a hug, a high five and/or a kiss. These are the best gifts that a mother could ask for. I love how they trust me enough to seek advice from me or to just tell me about something that happened that didn’t please them. Those are precious moments that I will forever cherish. They forget that I’m not as energetic as they are and want me to be a part of some of their activities…how I wish I could! I have to admit that as soon as they start to dance I go and hide because they try to get me to dance with them….there is no way that my body can do those moves! They really do bring so much joy into my life. Sometimes, we’ll just chat about everything and nothing. As much as I miss my three children, I wouldn’t change being at Brit’s Home for anything. Kids are kids no matter where you are in this world. What matters most to them are the small things…a hug; sharing good and bad times; helping with school work; being able to listen; opening your heart; letting them know that their safety is your priority; to be empathetic when they have a problem; laugh at their terrible jokes; stay true to your promises; letting them know that they are loved; always leaving the doors open for when they need you; never betray their trust; and most of all, to always be yourself.

Mother’s Day will be celebrated in Haiti on May 27th. We have 47 women who are considered mothers to our children. When the kids don’t drive them too crazy, they are loving, caring and hard-working. This group includes our kitchen staff, who arrives early in the morning and leave late at night to assure that our children’s meals are prepared; our teachers who dedicate their time and energy into making sure that our children receive the best education; and our caregivers, who are called “parents” by all 66 children who make sure that our children are supervised and taken care of. We are looking forward to honoring and celebrating these women on their special day in a couple of weeks. If you'd like to donate specifically to this celebration, in honor of your mom or someone special in your life, please use this link - https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/belikebrit/donation.jsp?campaign=166&&test=true

How lucky am I to get to celebrate this most important job twice with people I love the most! I would like to wish the happiest Mother’s Day to all of the “moms” out there…we may not be thanked every day, but believe me…..the children we care for are more thankful than you know. Keep up the good work!!