Welcome To America Fr Brice

If you have traveled to Brit’s Home as a Britsionary, you may have had the pleasure of meeting Father Brice. He is a dear friend of the Gengel family, a Be Like Brit supporter, and the priest at St. Francois in Haiti. This is not only a beautiful church in Grand Goave, but it is also where many of Brit’s kids attend school.

Fr. Brice has traveled to America quite a few times to visit, but he recently made the decision to leave Haiti and move to Worcester, Massachusetts to attend school! This month, his plan became a reality. He has arrived in Worcester and is settling in. He will be studying English at Worcester State University and plans to study at Assumption College and receive an MBA.

Born into a Catholic family in Jacmel (a city in south-east Haiti), Fr. Brice attended Catholic school his entire life, and always had a dream of becoming a priest. He spent a large portion of his life living in Port-au-Prince and worked in different parts of Haiti, but has spent the last few years in Grand Goave. He oversaw 7 different missions that were connected to St. Francois. He first arrived in Grand Goave right after the 2010 earthquake. He was determined to help rebuild the churches in the community and build schools. During this time, he met the Gengel family and was connected to St. John’s parish in Worcester. St. John’s then became the sister church of St. Francois.

When asked why he decided to move, Fr. Brice said, “I have traveled to America, Spain, France, Italy, but I love English. I knew if I wanted to improve my English, I had to choose America.” Talking with Fr. Brice, one can tell that he has a strong passion for learning. In Haiti, he studied Theology and received a degree in French. He also took a few classes in Spanish and English.

He explained that he also loves America because of the friendly people and the welcoming environment. During his first trip to America, Fr. Brice remembered not knowing how to navigate the area. He was immediately welcomed by Father John Madden and others in the community who helped and guided him.  

Fr. Brice is thrilled to start this new chapter. He is also truly thankful to be part of the Be Like Brit family. “I love Be Like Brit. The Gengel family is helping so many people win in Haiti. God always has a plan,” said Fr. Brice. When the shipping container of donations arrived in Haiti, Be Like Brit was able to give many bags of food to Fr. Brice at St. Francois so he could pass them out to those in need in his community.  

Fr. Brice will be living at the rectory at St. Stephen’s in Worcester and will celebrate mass there on Tuesdays and Thursdays in English. “I am excited to celebrate this mass because I will be able to practice my English,” said Fr. Brice. Also, St. Stephen’s church is an important part of the Gengel family’s history. Len grew up on Dartmouth Street and attended St. Stephen’s elementary school. He was also baptized, received first communion, and was confirmed at St. Stephen’s church. “It’s a God wink or maybe a Brit wink that these things happen,” said Len. Fr. Brice will also be celebrating mass on Sundays at St. Joseph’s church in Worcester; which has a large Haitian community that he is excited to join. This mass will be in French.

Welcome to America Fr. Brice! We are so happy you’re here!