Hurricane Relief


Most Needed

MagLite Flashlights (Model: ML300L) preferred for long batt life. 11 needed (security staff)
Oscillating Standing Floor Fans
Industrial floor squeegees. (6 needed)
45 Gallon Trash Bags
Cash register for our store
LifetimeĀ® Folding Chairs

Most needed in foods

Olive Oil (in plastic containers)
Juice Boxes for School Lunches (Capri Sun, Minute Maid, etc.)

Food and Kitchen Items

Individual Snack Packets for School Lunches (Cookies, Crackers, Fruit Snacks, etc.)
Powdered Instant Milk (for drinking, not for cooking)
Canned Ham
Grated Shake Parmesan Cheese

Items for Children

Body Lotion
Underwear for Girls
Hair Cutting Kits for boys (Conair, Wahl) - need 2 of these because we shave all 33 boys heads weekly!
Coconut oil (hair conditioner)
Hair Products for Girls: Olive Oil
Large girls tops and bottoms, gently used or new.
Cropped Cardigan sweaters [small/med]
Nightgowns for Girls
Boys Belts (Color: Black)
Hair Brushes for Ethnic Hair

Dental Wish List Items

Bibs, Masks, Cotton Balls, Cotton Rolls, Dry-Angles
Topical Anesthetic, OrajelĀ®
Gloves - S, M, L, XL (Latex & Non-Latex)
Bonding material - e.g. Scotchbond, Prime and Bond, Opti-bond, etc...
Anesthetic (Septocaine and Carbocaine), a continuous supply
Ultrasonic scalers - e.g. slimlines 25k
Ultrasonic scaler - e.g. Bobcat Pro 25K with Dual Select water unit

Vehicles and Transportation

7243 NAPA Filter
3548 NAPA Filter
3771 NAPA Filter
6314 NAPA Filter

Medical Items Needed

Calamine Lotion
Childrens pepto chewable
Kids Chewable Multivitamins with Iron (No Gummies Please!!!)
Children's Tylenol (Chewable and Liquid)
Children's Decongestant
Children's Cough Medicine
Gloves - S, M, L, XL (Non-Latex)
Suture Kits, Steri-Strips, Gauze Pads
Pediatric & Adult Ear Tips (for Otoscope use)
Propel & Gatorade Packets (Powder)
NEILMED Sinus Rinse Premixed Packets
Children's Chewable Multivitamins with IRON (Flintstones complete or similar) No gummies please!!!
Instant First-Aid Ice Packs