My Experience At Be Like Brit

Andreline cooking at the Transition House

Hello everyone, My name is Andreline Baptiste and I live in Grand Goave. I don’t live with my family, but I know my mom and my dad. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I left my family when I was 9 years old and my brother was my best friend. I always do everything together. I'm crying but now I see it is the best thing my mom do for me. Now I am 18 years and I'm in 10th grade. 

Be Like Brit did a lot of things for me. My experience at Be Like Brit is something I will never imagine in my life. They will love you like a family and they treat you like their own kids, they will love you so much. Like you love them. You will see you will have a new life like you will never image in your life.

I will give you a story about my sister who one day put her in an orphanage in Port Au Prince where my sister can not eat, can not go to school. But at Be Like Brit it is so different. I love Be Like Brit a lot with all my heart. They let you to play music and to sing everything. Be Like Brit will let you sing and dance and dream of career in singing. I have a lot of friends at Be Like Brit but I have my best friend named Marie Lordie. She loves me like her own sister and I love her too. She was there for me.

Be Like Brit is something different from outside. If you are sick you will go to hospital but you will have nurse see you first. You will eat three times a days, you go to school and they helps me a lot.

I am the one in my family who has a lot of wonderful things ahead of me. There are a lot child they have outside that have no food to eat but Be Like Brit knows the importance of the kids in society I can say this the most beautiful place in my life and Be Like Brit do everything to help my family a lot I will say thank you to Bernie, Papi Len, Mami Love and all the parents because without all the person my life will not like this. Because they will help you know yourself more. They will learn you to respect everyone, always treat a person the way you want the person treat you and help other people who need help.

I want to work hard too because Papi Len always say you want to work for whatever you want in your life. Be Like Brit helped me know my talents and then taught me a lot of things like how to do art and sing. They help me to know the importance of having this in the world for a girl. I can say if I was outside I will not have all these beautiful things.

I like to say thank you to Mami Love. She always be there for me she like my mom. I have a lot sisters and brothers they love me so much. They help you embrace the change in your life whatever has happened you will have enough time to manage it because life has many changes for you even help you know yourself better every day and after you would love yourself. Be Like Brit is helpful for us and the world.

They give the people in Haiti job to work, to have money, to pay for schools for the children. Now, Be Like Brit has kids who are 18 years old. They have transition house now for those to have more responsibility like you can go to church, whatever you want you cook for yourself, you work to have money to buy your own things you want.

They have helped me to work on the computer so I can accomplish my dream. When you are having a bad day at school they will make you feel beautiful and have confidence in yourself. I can say life have a lot of experience I shall not cease from exploration…I'm not what happened to me. I'm what I choose to become. I'm not what happened in my life but I'm what I choose to become in my life.

My favorite thing is to sing in dance when I’m singer I feel good I love to singer. I also love to play piano because I feel very happy.

There are some new kids. And there is a little kid she is like my little sister, she is so funny and she is so thankful, she always happy everyone loves her.

I can say the most thing I love at Brit’s Home is the education they give us, and everything they do to make me happy. The focus is your education and respecting everyone.

To finish, I can say the best thing in my life is coming to Be Like Brit. I’m a thankful girl and beautiful girl and would like to say thank you. I'm so happy to live at Be Like Brit and not need anything. I am so happy for the help with my school, help with my family and I don’t need anything anymore. I will say thank you to Papi Len, Mami Love, Mami Cherry, Bernie, the kids and all the parents at Be Like Brit who help me.

I love Be Like Brit so much, thank you all again.


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