Ready Or Not Here We Come

Yes, it is hard to believe but another miracle has taken place at Brit’s Academy in Brit’s Home! Despite severe political unrest and violence, a pandemic, tropical storms, and a 7.2 earthquake, we opened our door to the third year of Brit’s Academy on September 6. It has been such a successful week! 

And…there’s more! Our classrooms are now all housed in Brit’s House of Love, both upstairs and downstairs. Papi Len, carpenters, and our teens have been busy all summer preparing new classrooms, ready to be filled with children in grades one-eleven. For the first time, we are accepting eight day children from the Grand Goave community, all children of staff members.

Our youngest children at Brit’s Home (John Jeffrey, Shilove, Valentina, Jean Roodly, and Marie-Prisca) are now in the fourth grade– hard to believe, right? I remember when John Jeffrey was our baby Jesus in a manger in one of the Christmas Pageants I did with the children.

We have hired a new English teacher who has extensive experience teaching primary grades and also tutoring older children for the National Exam. He will be implementing our active learning methodology in all classes and Dr. Gail Herman will be back to offer weekly storytelling workshops with our sixth graders this year. Our teens in grades 9-11 will have TOEFL prep via Zoom with teachers from around the world each week.

Mr. Charles will continue to serve as the principal for grades one-six in addition to teaching sixth grade and Madame Diane will continue as principal for grades 7-11 and teaching grade four. They have been busy helping Program Director, Myster Way, and I with scheduling, curricula, and new student orientation. I will continue to provide weekly teaching training on the Professional Teaching Standards via Zoom – until it is safe for me to return.

Subjects taught include literature, languages (Creole, English, French, and Spanish), mathematics, sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, and social science) and specials: music, art, technology, physical education, and health education.

As you know, we have a two-year old, Janila, who is learning English and a preschool program is being developed for her.

According to our Brit’s Academy teachers, many who have taught in other schools in Haiti, Brit’s Academy is now considered to be the “best school” in the area, especially in helping young people to dream all they can be and to realize their full potential – whether it be in higher education, vocational school, or entrepreneurship. Our active learning and project-centered approach, along with a focus on the Agile Mindset, is unusual in Haitian schools.

I thank you for your continued support of Brit’s Academy and please feel free to reach out to me to learn more about how you can help.

Dr. Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine, Superintendent



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Brit's Home

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